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Mon, Mar. 9th, 2009, 11:08 pm
Welcome to hell, you're gonna burn in here.

Ever seen that Home Movies episode where Brendon, Melissa and Jason go to summer camp and it's a "disgusting hell hole"?  That was my weekend.  Minus the summer camp.

I apparently have an ear infection and strep throat.  Good times.
I'm in a couple group projects at school...and I totally understand my group mates wanting to annihilate me for my absense.  Christ effing jesus, my immune system is the bane of my existance.  I just want to be done this term...  They called and texted me non stop after I told them I was sick.  Can I not have a moment's peace where I'm not involved in their constant bickering?!  It goes like this.  I am a buffer between two group mates who for some reason have decided they hate each other.  I like both of these people and want nothing to do with it.  Thus I am bombarded with constant hate mail/text/IM/phone calls.

Also...husband person proposes a threesome.  UH.  NO.  I don't roll that way.  EVER.  I want a relationship with one person thank you very much.  Emotions are complex enough in a single person relationship.  And then there's the whole scheming/jealousy/lack of equality in relationship thing...  That is effed.  I'm trying to get as far away from it as possible at the mo (meanwhile my heart is all smooshed feeling because I really genuinely liked this person).  It's hard to find good people in E-Town. Ya hear?!

Art art art art...I miss you.  Nom nom nom.

Tue, Mar. 10th, 2009 03:40 pm (UTC)

*loves on you* Being sick sucks, really. And they should have totally gotten off your back.

As for that second part... I have no idea what to tell you, really... *has never been in that situation*

*Sends Pickles over to nurse you back to health*